Last  week’s blog post talked about new beginnings and how to start a new healthy regimen.  […]
I don’t know if it is due to the fact that I have kids who start […]
It is remarkable to me how the world is reeling from the loss of Anthony Bourdain,who […]
This past holiday weekend had lots of outdoor BBQ grills fired up and grilling everything from […]
I love teaching my culinary classes to seniors because it affords me the opportunity to talk […]
Anyone who knows me and my work at The Optimal Kitchen, knows I am continually striving […]
Even though it may not feel quite like spring,  the calendar says we are deep into […]
About 10 years ago just, after I finished my coursework in nutrition, I started giving classes […]
The double whammy of Nor’easters this week should convince almost anyone of the perils of climate […]
Even those of us who work in the alternative health field can  fall victim to  to […]

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