The double whammy of Nor’easters this week should convince almost anyone of the perils of climate […]
Even those of us who work in the alternative health field can  fall victim to  to […]
There is something about the holiday season that makes me wax a bit nostalgic.  Perhaps because […]
So you have survived Halloween and the sugar fueled candy fest  and we have made it […]
Here is a staggering statistic that I love to remind people of at Thanksgiving time, at […]
So I am sure no one wants to talk sugar the day before Halloween, but since […]
Recently I have been approached by a wide variety of friends  that have been grappling with […]
For those of you who are still not familiar with what we do at the Optimal […]
Perhaps it is because I just returned from vacation, where I had  some free time to […]
Each week The Optimal Kitchen offers a variety of selections to customers most of which are […]

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