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The Quarantine Continues and so does the Rain: Winter Soups and Stews

As promised I am trying to be a bit more timely with my daily blogs since I now have the new system of simply sharing pdf files of my class hand outs. This cold driving rain won’t seem to stop and this house is hitting a bit of an inflection point now that we are almost 3 weeks in to what will amount to at least a 7 week stay at home.  Cold rain always has me thinking about soups and stews so here is a hand out from this winter’s class.  Be sure to check out the purge your fridge soup recipe since I know we are all trying to make the most of everything we have these days.  Remember soup is soothing to the soul and an amazing bowl of homemade soup always lifts the spirits, something we all need these days.

Winter Soup and Stew Eastham 2020


The Stay at Home continues : Staying Healthy: Fight Inflammation

I won’t lie that I have been a bit lax in my daily blogging and the weekend off lasted a few days longer.  Times are challenging and days seem to fly by and I have no idea what I have actually done.  The weather has been raw, cold and rainy here on Cape Cod which doesn’t help since my only respite from the insanity that is March/April 2020 are my beach walks which have been might chilly.   I have been doing quite a bit of writing, but it is actually either focused on my latest cookbook, which I am really trying to make headway with, and journal-ing so that I can remember these strange days. So the blog has suffered a bit, but I figured out a great way to keep up with the blog was to share the content from my cooking classes which are always complete with loads of easy and delicious recipes.

So today I am attaching the hand out from a recent class on Tackling Inflammation.  Covid -19 is a strange disease that causes intense inflammatory response and  no one is quite sure why, so I figured why not spread the word on how to keep those inflammation levels naturally low. Keep in mind it is a pdf which will download to your device.

Inflammation 2020